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Tarmac courts become worn, the lines face and the macadam appears thought the paintwork

Courts in this condition do not necessarily need resurfacing but if not cleaned the build up of dirt and debris encourage moss to grow on the surface making the court slippery.

This together with the action of frost hasten the deterioration of the courts surface.

The services we offer are as follows:-

  • Cleaning: pressure cleaning total area to remove all moss, algae and other debris. We can also apply a non toxic actinide moss inhibitor to discourage the regrowth of moss
  • Surface repair: make good surface wear exposed by the cleaning process
  • Surface stability: apply one coat of moisture-cured polyurethane resin to increase the macadam life.
  • Colour coating: apply three coats of of slip resistance acrylic paint in four standard colour or a variety of special colours on request using an airless gun system
  • Line markings and playground markings: applied by hand to ensure the best coverage in approved line marking paint. All sport marking will meet the appropriate sports assoc. i.e. LTA or other.

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